About Vivanoda

What is Vivanoda about?

Vivanoda is an independent website that allows travellers to compare and combine in one search several modes of transportation between two cities.

Why Vivanoda?

Vivanoda arose from a simple fact: most people are not aware of ways of transportation that would get them to a destination, and this kind of search on the Internet often turns out very tedious.

Planes, trains, coaches, regional buses, ferries ... today, many transport companies serve thousands of cities worldwide. They are sometimes in direct competition (eg Flight vs. Train vs. Coach on a London-Paris trip and British Airways vs. Easyjet vs. East Coast on a London-Edinburgh trip) but sometimes complementary (eg Train + Flight for a trip between Portsmouth and Malaga), which significantly increases the complexity of research and comparison of transportation for a given trip.

Vivanoda tries to answer many questions we may ask when planning a trip:
-"I find train travel too expensive for the trip London to Paris. If I take the plane, is it a better deal, or are there any other modes of transportation that I'm not aware of?"
-"I wanted to drive from York to Plymouth, but I'm now looking for an alternative route by plane or by train to get there."
-"I want to go to Bonn in Germany, how can I get there from Sheffield?"
-"Is there a direct train operating between Vienna and Warsaw?"
-"I live in Northampton and I'm looking for a flight to go to Venice for a week-end: do I need to take off from Birmingham or from London?"
- ...

How it works?

When you look for transportation options to travel from one city to another, you just need to fill in Vivanoda your departure city and destination and the search result will show you a list of itineraries combining the plane, train, bus and ferry. These routes are classified according to a performance-based index, for example, the number of changes, the distance of an airport with the center of the city it serves ... and free from any business relations. If a route is sponsored by a transport company, it would be clearly mentionned "sponsored route."

When entering your travel dates, the app will query real-time rates and availabilities on travel partner sites , allowing you to compare offers and make your reservation.

Who is behind Vivanoda?

Vivanoda was created and developed by Nicolas Pellier.

Feel free to contact us to the following email address:
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